MPUP Programme Department of Government and Public Administration - CUHK

Class Code: MPUP5132
Academic Year: 2019 - 2020
Title: Social Policy Research

Dr. YANG Litianqing

Period: Fr 06:45PM - 09:30PM
Location: WMY_406

This course focuses on the application of methodological and statistical techniques in conducting policy research, with the objective of sensitizing students to adopt an evidence-based approach to assess public policies and social programs. Course contents include basic concepts in research designs, data collection techniques and statistical analyses. Discussions include both the qualitative and quantitative approaches to evaluate effectiveness, efficiency, and public accountability that define good public policies and social programs. Special attentions are given to the influences of the political environment and the competing interests among stakeholders in the research process. Real-world examples are used to illustrate practical skills in policy research.