MPUP Programme Department of Government and Public Administration - CUHK

Term 1
Code Title Teacher Period Location
MPUP5132 Public Policy Research

Professor Pierre Francois LANDRY

Tu 06:45PM - 09:30PM WMY_507
MPUP5142 Economic Analysis of Pub Pol

Professor NG Ka Ho

Th 06:45PM - 09:30PM ELB_LT1
MPUP5331 Government and the Economy

Professor Mark Charles MICHELSON

Mo 06:45PM - 09:30PM ARC_211
MPUP5412 Crisis Mgmt & Pub Governance

 Professor LEE Kaman

Mo 06:45PM - 09:30PM WMY_402
MPUP5433 Global Finance and Governance

Professor MUSHKAT Miron

Fr 06:45PM - 09:30PM WMY_402
MPUP5803 Topical Std in Pub Pol III

 Professor TAM Kam Lan Annie

We 06:45PM - 09:30PM CYT_LT4

Term 2
Code Title Teacher Period Location
MPUP5111 Public Policy Process

Professor CHAN Chee Hon

Fr 06:45PM - 09:30PM YIA_505
MPUP5121 Values and Ethics in Public Policy

 Professor William James Clark SMITH

Mo 06:45PM - 09:30PM ELB_LT1
MPUP5402 Comparative Public Policy

Professor TSAO King Kwun

Sa 06:45PM - 09:30PM WMY_502
MPUP5422 Environmental Policy Analysis

Professor XU Yuan

We 06:45PM - 09:30PM WMY_403
MPUP5802 Topical Std in Pub Pol II

Professor LO Wing Hung Carlos

Th 06:45PM - 09:30PM WMY_502
MPUP5901 Directed Studies

Professor LO Wing Hung Carlos

Tu 06:45PM - 09:30PM YIA_410