Dr. DOWNES James Floyd Department of Government and Public Administration - CUHK


Dr. Downes James Floyd


Lecturer in Comparative Politics & Global Studies


Head: Undergraduate Admissions & PR Panel


BA (Hons) Msc (Government, Essex) PhD (Kent) Cert. (CUHK) AFHEA


Dr. James F. Downes is a Lecturer in Comparative Politics and Global Studies. He is also Head (Chair) of the Undergraduate Admissions & PR Panel in the Department of Government & Public Administration at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He serves on the Executive Committee (Co-Director) of the International Affairs Research Centre, the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, at The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Dr. Downes is a Senior Research Fellow & Head of the Populism Research Unit at the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right. He is an Associate Research Fellow at the Center for Research and Social Progress (based in Italy) and also an Honorary Research Fellow in the Global Europe Centre at The Brussels School of International Studies.


His research has appeared in top journals such as Electoral Studies, LSE EUROPP, openDemocracy, Social Europe, Democratic Audit and in edited book volumes for Routledge (Contemporary China Series), Routledge Handbook of Non-Violent Extremism (Forthcoming in 2021), the Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right (ibidem Verlag & Columbia University Press).


His current working papers related to Populism & Right-Wing Party Competition are under review in the Journal of Common Market Studies (Revisions) alongside the Journal of Contemporary European Studies (Revisions). He is also working on a book manuscript with his co-author Prof. Matthew Loveless (University of Bologna, Italy) related to right-wing party competition in Europe, with Manchester University Press (Under Review).


He provides regular media commentary on issues relating to European Politics (Populism) and Brexit for international outlets such as CNBC, CNN, BBC, El País, amongst others.


Please visit his personal website at https://jamesfdownes.com for further information about his research.

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  T: (852) 3943-7480
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: 323. T.C. Cheng Building
  Teaching  Interests:

Downes is a passionate believer in research informing teaching and is committed to internationalization in Higher Education. He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching, from the University of Kent (UK) and a Professional Certificate of “Excellence” in Teaching from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Downes draws on a wide range of Applied Flipped classroom teaching methods, such as Simulations (Model EU), Online Lectures & Group Discussions via Live Online Zoom & Panopto Softwares (with the Zoom Break-Out Feature), small scale interactive Tutorial style learning in Cafés alongside Applied Data Lab sessions and Online Group Project Presentations.


Downes teaches courses related to Comparative European Politics; Governance of the European Union; Global Populism, alongside Political Research Methodology (Quantitative Methods & Polling) and Globalization (International Relations), in the Department of Government & Public Administration, alongside Global Studies and on the MSSc in Government and Politics (Greater China) at CUHK.

  Research Interests:
  • European Populism (Populist Radical Right)
  • Right-Wing Party Competition in Europe
  • Global Populism
  • Brexit & The EU (EU Governance)

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