Prof. LI, Wei Department of Government and Public Administration - CUHK


Prof. LI Wei

Assistant Professor

BA and MA (Fudan)

Recent Publication

  • 2019. China’s Policy Processes and the Advocacy Coalition Framework (with Christopher M. Weible). Policy Studies Journal. Early View.
  • 2019. “Advocacy Coalitions, Policy Stability, and Policy Change in China: The Case of Birth Control Policy, 1980–2015.” (with Wilson Wong) Policy Studies Journal. Early View.
  • 2018. "Network structure and collaborative innovation processes — A comparative analysis of two elderly service networks in Shanghai." (with Lam Wai-Fung) Public Administration and Development. 38(2): 87-99.
  • 2017. “Network structure, resource availability, and innovation: A study of the adoption of innovation in elderly services in Shanghai.” (with Wai-Fung Lam) In Y. J. Jing & S. Osborne (Eds.). Public service innovations in China. Palgrave Macmillan.
  • 2017. "Recent Developments in Public Sector Reforms, China and Hong Kong. In Ali Faramand (Ed.)" Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. Springer International Publishing
  • 2015. "The Impact of External Change on Civil Service Values in Post-Colonial Hong Kong" (with John P. Burns). The China Quarterly, June: 522-546
  • 2013. "Changing Government Structures and the Evolution of Public Service Bargains in Hong Kong" (with John P. Burns and B. Guy Peters). International Review of Administrative Sciences, 79: 131-48.
prof li wei

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Office: 309. T.C. Cheng Building, United College, CUHK

  Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Comparative Public Administration
  • Governance Reforms
  • Public Policy Processes
  • Human Resource Management in Public Organisations