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Prof. WONG Wilson Wai-ho

Associate Professor

BSSc (CUHK); MPA, PhD (Syracuse)

Professor Wilson Wong is an Associate Professor of the Department of Government and Public Administration and Associate Director of Public Policy Research Centre, Institute of Asia- Pacific Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is also the Director of the Master of Public Policy Programme (MPUP), The Chinese University of Hong Kong. In addition, he is the Regional Editor (East Asia) of the Asian Journal of Political Science currently hosted by the Graduate School of Public Administration of Seoul National University (South Korea). He received his bachelor degree in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a MPA degree and a Ph.D. in Public Administration, both from the Maxwell School of Public Affairs, Syracuse University, USA. He had served as a visiting fellow of The Brookings Institution, a visiting scholar of Harvard University and an adjunct faculty member of the Department of Public Administration, Syracuse University.

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prof wong wilson wai ho

T: (852) 3943-7489
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Office: 320. T.C. Cheng Building

  Research Interests:
  • E-government, the Internet, and E-governance
  • Public Budgeting and Finance
  • Public Governance and Public Management Reform
  • Comparative Public Policy and Administration

Teaching Interests:

  • Public Management and Organisation Theory
  • Public Budgeting and Finance
  • Policymaking Process and Public Policy Analysis
  • Government and Politics of Hong Kong
  • The Myth of a Universal Model for Public Management: Public Management Reform in Hong Kong. (2018), NY: Routledge
  • Budgeting for Governance: Public Budgeting in Hong Kong under Political Changes and Economic Transformation, Springer (forthcoming)
  • Is Western Public Administration Model Universal: Contextualization and Public Management Reform in Hong Kong, Routledge (forthcoming)
  • Co-editor, Contemporary Hong Kong Politics: Entering the Second Decade. (2013), 2nd ed. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. (co-edited with Lam Wai-man, Percy Lui)
  • “Further Politicization of the Civil Service under the CY Leung Administration: The Quest for Unprecedented Control.” In Joseph Cheng, ed. (forthcoming), The C.Y. Leung Administration: A Critical Review. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press.
  • “Comparative Public Policy.” In Ali Farazmand, ed. (forthcoming), Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance. NY: Springer.
  • “Public Managers Must Also be Leaders: The Hollowing-Out of Leadership and Public Management Reform in Hong Kong.” In Evan Merman and Shamsul M. Haque, eds. (2015), Asian Leadership in Policy and Governance. UK: Emerald, pp. 261-285.
  • “The Civil Service.” In Wilson Wong, Wai-Man Lam, and Percy Lui, eds., (2013) Contemporary Hong Kong Politics: Entering the Second Decade. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, pp. 75-96.
  • “Economic Policy.” In Wilson Wong, Wai-Man Lam, and Percy Lui, eds., (2013) Contemporary Hong Kong Politics: Entering the Second Decade. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, pp. 181-204. (with Raymond Yuen)
  • “Corruption and Accountability in a Globalized World: A Comparative Study of Japan, Hong Kong, and China.” In Stephen Osborne and Amanda Ball, eds., (2010) Social Accounting and Public Management: Accountability for the Public Good. London, United Kingdom: Routledge Critical Studies in Public Management Series, pp. 287-300.
  • "The Days after the End of the Asian Miracle: the Budget Crisis of Hong Kong" In Sing Ming ed., (2008) Politics and Government in Hong Kong, London, United Kingdom: Routledge, pp.136-161.
  • “What Drives Global E-government? An Exploratory Assessment of Existing E-government Performance Measures.” In George Boyne, Kenneth Meier, Laurence O’Toole, and Richard Walker, eds., (2006) Public Service Performance: Perspectives on Measurement and Management , Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press, pp: 275-94 (with Eric Welch and M. Jae Moon).
  • “20 Years of Hong Kong and Macao under Chinese Rule: Their Absorption under “One Country, Two Systems” (with Hanyu Xiao), Public Money and Management (forthcoming)
  • Social Movement and Youth Participation in Hong Kong: Importance of Co-Evolution between Government and Youth” (with Gary Tang), Journal of Youth Studies. July 2017, 20 (2), 96-112.
  • “Does Political Marketing Enhance Legitimacy in a Semi-Democratic Regime? The Case of Macao” (with Ying Ho Kwong), Asian Survey. 2017 July/August, 57 (4), 764-789.
  • “Rebel with a Cause: Structural Problems underlying the Umbrella Movement of Hong Kong and the Role of the Youth” (with May Chu), Asian Education and Developmental Studies, 2017, 6 (4), 343-353.
  • “The Search for a Model of Public Administration Reform in Hong Kong: Weberian Bureaucracy, New Public Management or Something Else?” Public Administration and Development, 2013, 33 (4), 297-310.
  • “The Ombudsman in Hong Kong: Role and Challenges under the Transformation of Governance in the Post-1997 Era” (with Raymond Yuen), Asia Pacific Law Review, 2009, 17 (1), 115- 134.
  • “Institutional Root of the Chinese Budget Crisis: Fiscal Decline and Unbalanced Central-Local Relationship.” Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting and Financial Management, 2007, 19(1), 14-127.
  • “Effective Regulations with Little Effect? The Antecedents of the Perceptions of Environmental Officials on Enforcement Effectiveness in China” (with Carlos Wing-Hung Lo and Gerald E. Fryxell), Environmental Management, 2006, 38(3), 388-410.
  • “Does E-Government Promote Accountability? A Comparative Analysis of Website Openness and Government Accountability in Fourteen Countries” (with Eric Welch), Governance, 2004, 17(2), 275-297.
  • “Global Information Technology Pressure and Government Accountability: The Mediating Effect of the Domestic Context on Website Openness” (with Eric Welch), Journal of Public Administration Theory and Research, 2001, 11(4), 509-538.
  • “E-Participation in Hong Kong: The Internet and the Transformation of Public Governance”, GRF grant, research project funded by the RGC. (amount of funding: HK$473,000, 2014–2016)
  • “Budgeting for Governance: Evaluating the Impact of Political Changes and Economic Transformation on the Fiscal Decisions of Hong Kong.” South China Programme Research Grant, CUHK (amount of funding: HK$103,212, 2014-2015).
  • “Public Space, Social Capital and Urban Governance: An Empirical Study”, GRF grant, research project funded by the RGC. (amount of funding: HK$656,000, 2014–2016)
  • “The Pattern of Urban Life in Hong Kong: A District Level Community Study of Sham Shui Po”, research project funded by the Central Policy Unit, HKSAR Government (amount of funding: HK$1,170,062, 2010 – 2011).
  • “A Study of E-Governance in Hong Kong”, research project funded by the Bauhinia Foundation. (amount of funding: HK$486,508, 2008 – 2009).
  • “From E-Government to E-Governance – A Study of the Impact of E-Government in Hong Kong”, GRF grant, research project funded by the RGC. (amount of funding: HK$361,460, 2007 – 2009).
  • Three GRF Grants, One South China Programme Grant, One Direct Grant (refer to Section IV for more information)
  • Regional Editor, Asian Journal of Political Science
  • Editorial Committee Member, International Review of Administrative Sciences
  • Organizing Committee Member, Digital Government Conference 2017 and 2018