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Founded in 1970, the Department of Government and Public Administration has been committed to excellence in teaching, research and community service. Our faculty members are experts in their fields. In addition to their teaching duties, they participate in a wide range of scholarly, professional and community activities. The Department is able to provide not only a rich curriculum but also an exciting place to learn and grow intellectually. The Department is one of the best of its kind in Hong Kong.


The Department offers degree programmes at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The undergraduate programme provides a well-rounded training in political science and public administration. The programme comprises a group of core courses which introduce the disciplines as well as a series of elective courses dealing with a wide range of contemporary topics in politics and public administration. The Department is strongly committed to fostering critical thinking of students, so that our graduates are able to put their skills to work effectively in their future careers and lives. And at the graduate level, the Department offers programmes focused on research, that can lead to M.Phil and PhD degrees.


The Department offers students many opportunities for extra-curricular activities. Through the GPA Society, students organise functions such as academic forums, orientation camps for freshmen, sport events, debates and study visits. GPA students have been actively participating in exchange programs with overseas universities in America, Europe and East Asia. The Department’s debate team is particularly popular and regularly participates in competitions against teams from other universities. In addition to organising extra-curricular activities, GPA students also take part in the administration of the Department through consultative meetings and formal representation on the Departmental Board. All these activities reflect the Department’s commitment to providing an excellent environment for pursuing studies in Government and Public Administration.


The Department is proud of its achievements and its alumni. Over the last three decades many of our graduates have gone on to pursue highly successful careers. Alumni of the Department are to be found in all walks of life in Hong Kong and overseas: in the public sector, in the business world, in the law, in the media, in schools and universities, as well as in the world of politics.


We hope that you will find the information on this site useful and interesting. The study of politics and public administration is not only intellectually interesting, but it also plays a crucial role in building a vibrant community. The Department of Government and Public Administration is committed to the provision of the highest quality education in these important fields.

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