Prof. MA, Ngok Department of Government and Public Administration - CUHK


Prof. MA Ngok

Associate Professor

BSSc and MPhil (CUHK); PhD (UCLA)



Hong Kong politics, including elections, party politics, state-society relations, social movements, democratization, political culture, identity politics. Recent focus on comparative social movements and democratization experiences with respect to Hong Kong.

Recent Publications Grants  
prof ma ngok
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Office: 317. T.C.Cheng Building
  Research and Teaching Interests:
  • Hong Kong Government and Politics
  • Democratisation
  • Parties and Elections
  • Political Economy
  • Transformation in Eastern Europe
  • Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement: New Boundaries of Resistance in a Hybrid Regime. University of Amsterdam Press (forthcoming).
    (Co-edited with Edmund Cheng)
  • 《民主十問》(香港:城市大學出版社,2016)。(馬嶽編)
  • Ten Questions on Democracy. (Hong Kong: City University Press, 2016). (Ma Ngok ed.)
  • 《港式法團主義:功能界别 25 年》(香港:城市大學出版社,2013)
  • Corporatism in Hong Kong: 25 Years of Functional Constituencies. (Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press, 2013)
  • 《香港八十年代民主運動口述歷史》(城市大學出版社,2012)
  • Oral History of the Hong Kong Democracy Movement in the 1980s. (Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press. 2012)
  • Political Development in Hong Kong: State, Political Society and Civil Society in Hong Kong . (2007). Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.
  • 《選舉制度的政治效果:港式比例代表制的經驗》(香港:城市大學出版,2003)。(與蔡子強合著)
  • “Immigrants as Voters in Electoral Autocracies: the Case of Mainland Immigrants in Hong Kong,” Journal of East Asian Studies (January 2018): 1-29. (Co-authored with Stan Wong Hok-wui and Lam Wai-man)
  • “The China Factor in Hong Kong Elections, 1991 to 2016,” China Perspectives 2017 (3): 17-26
  • “Migrants and Democratization: The Political Economy of Chinese Immigrants in Hong Kong,” Contemporary Chinese Political Economy and Strategic Relations: An Internationl Journal 2, 2 (Aug-Sept. 2016), pp.909-940. (Co-authored with Stan Wong Hok-wui and Lam Wai-man)
  • “The Making of a Corporatist State in Hong Kong: The Road to Sectoral Intervention,” Journal of Contemporary Asia 46, 2 (February 2016), pp.247-266
  • “The Rise of ‘Anti-China’ Sentiments in Hong Kong and the 2012 Legislative Council Elections,” China Review 15, 1 (Spring 2015), pp.39-66
  • "The Impact of Electoral Rule Change on Party Campaign Strategy: Hong Kong as a Case Study," Party Politics 9, 3 (May 2003), pp.347-368. (with Choy Chi-keung)
  • ‘Functional Elections, Legislative Performance and Sectoral Intervention in Hong Kong’. GRF Grant, Research Grant Council, Hong Kong, Jan 2017 - Dec 2018
  • ‘Political Movements and Democratic Values in Hong Kong: The Asian Barometer Survey Wave IV’. GRF Grant, Research Grant Council, Hong Kong, Sept 2015 August 2017
  • ‘Political Values, Economic Evaluation and Regime Performance in Hong Kong’. GRF Grant, Research Grant Council, Hong Kong, July 2012 - August, 2015
  • ‘Strategic Coordination under Proportional Representation: An Empirical Study’. GRF Grant, Research Grant Council, Hong Kong, Aug 2012 - July 2014
  • ‘Political Attitude of Hong Kong People and the Governance of Hong Kong’. South China Program Research Grant, CUHK, Sept 2012 - Dec 2013