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Q1. Is it a disadvantage to study GPA if I took science electives in HKDSE?


For students who took arts electives, they may have a better knowledge in history which may be an advantage for them to study some of our GPA courses. However, students would need to have mathematical skills and knowledge to study some other GPA courses, such as game theory and statistics, which in turn may be an advantage for students who took science electives. From our past experiences, students who took either arts or science electives could perform well in their study of GPA.

Q2. I have great interest in and consider myself suitable for studying GPA. However, I am worried whether my academic results are not outstanding enough for admission. Do you have any suggestions?


Special considerations would be given to students who are nominated under the JUPAS School Principal's Nominations (SPN) scheme based on their outstanding achievements in extra-curricular activities.

Q3. Do students have a chance for admission if they placed GPA in Band B and Band C in JUPAS?


Applicants who placed GPA in Band A would be considered with a higher priority.

Q4. Are there any other admission channels?


1. Students can also be admitted into GPA via Non-JUPAS schemes of CUHK. Local applicants who have or will be obtained qualifications other than HKDSE, such as GCSE and A-Levels or possess Associate.

2. Degree or Higher Diploma qualifications can apply via the CUHK Non-JUPAS (Local) Scheme; whereas overseas applicants can apply via the CUHK Non-JUPAS International Students Admissions Scheme. The current ceiling for GPAD to admit Non-JUPAS (Local) for first year entry is 20% of the total intake, i.e. around 7- 8 students.

Q5. What are the admission scores for entry to GPA?


The admission scores for 2020 entry and 2021 entry are as follows:


JUPAS Results 2020 2021 2

Q6. What are the HKDSE selection principles and subject weightings of different subjects?


Best 5 Subjects with weightings applied. Emphasis is placed on English Language (Weighting: 1.5), Chinese Language (Weighting: 1.25) and Liberal Studies (Weighting: 1.25). The weightings for the other subjects are the same (Weighting: 1.0).

Q7. How many students were admitted to GPA?


There were around 38 students.

Q8. What are the selection principles and HKDSE subject weightings?


Students who have fulfilled one of the following requirements can enroll in the GPA programme in their second year of study:


1. Have taken one or more GPAD courses and obtained an average grade of B- or above, OR;

2. Have attained an overall grade point average of 2.70 or above in their first year of study.


Students who have not fulfilled any of the above requirements can still apply for enrolling into the programme.

The Department will consider the applications based on the interview performance of the applicants.

Q9. If I am retaking HKDSE, do I still have any chance for admission?


Students retaking HKDSE could be admitted to GPA via JUPAS with combined HKDSE results. The calculation of scores for combined HKDSE results may be adjusted for consideration by the Department.

Q10. Are there any admission scholarships for students admitted via JUPAS with HKDSE examination results?


GPAD offers three awards of admission scholarships with the amount HK$10,000 each for students admitted via JUPAS with HKDSE results.