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General Enquiries

  1. What are the differences between this Programme and the other MA Programmes in Chinese Studies?

    The MSSc Programme is featured in studying government and politics in Greater China (Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao) from comparative perspectives, while most MA Programmes are designed to accommodate general interests and needs for graduate training in Chinese Studies.

  2. What will the medium of instruction be, and in what languages are the teaching materials?

    The teaching language will be English and Putonghua, with Cantonese a supplementary language, depending on the nature of the subject and preference of the instructor. Most of the teaching materials will be in English, while Chinese translation may be provided in due occasion.

  3. Does the Programme require payment in advance or by installments; and how many installments are there?

    The first installment would be half of the whole tuition for full-time students and a quarter of the whole tuition for part-time students. Student would need to pay the first installment when they accept the offer of admission.

  4. Is there any financial assistance available to students?

    University financial assistance will not be provided for all taught Master Programmes including this one.

Admission & Application

  1. What is the application procedure?

    Applicants may make their applications via the internet at http://www.cuhk.edu.hk/gss/


    obtain application forms either in person or by mail from the Graduate School Office at

    4/F, Academic Building No. 1,
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Shatin, N.T.

  2. What is the English Language Proficiency Requirement?

    All students should fulfill the English Language Proficiency Requirementprescribed below before they are admitted:

      • possess a pass grade in English in one of the following examinations

        - Hong Kong Advanced Level Exam. (AS Level)
        - Hong Kong Higher Level Exam
        - CUHK Matriculation Exam., or

      • have a degree from a university in Hong Kong or an English speaking country, or
        submit one of the following scores for assessment by the programmes concerned
        - TOEFL
        - GMAT (Verbal)
        - IELTS

      • Or have obtained a recognized professional qualification awarded in Hong Kong or an English speaking country.

        Please refer to the Graduate School website for details:

  3. What supporting documents are needed in my application?

    Supporting Documents Required Include:

      1. Submit online application form (www.cuhk.edu.hk/gss);
      2. Official transcripts from the University attended by applicants*;
      3. Copies of degree certificates;
      4. Documents showing the applicant has fulfilled the Graduate School’s English Language Proficiency Requirement;
      5. Confidential recommendations from two referees respectively#;
      6. Application fee receipt (not necessary for credit card payment through online application);
      7. Copies of identity card or passport;
      8. Other supporting documents upon request of the respective division; and
      9. Additional information or documentary proof upon request of the university, if deemed necessary.
      10. All documents submitted will not be returned and will be destroyed if the application is unsuccessful.

    * For non-CUHK qualifications: Photocopies will not be accepted. The original official transcript must reach the respective Division directly from the University, or in sealed envelopes and sent by the applicant with other supporting documents to the Graduate Division.

    For CUHK qualifications (Bachelor's or higher degrees): Photocopies of transcript issued by CUHK are accepted.

    # Confidential Recommendations must reach the respective Division directly from the referees. The referees can submit the Confidential Recommendations via internet.

  4. When will the admission results be announced? Will each individual applicant be informed of the result in mail, e-mail or phone call?

    Applicants can check their status on the Graduate School’s website if they choose to use on-line application. All accepted applicants will be notified in writing as soon as the selection process is completed. However, there may be several rounds of selection, the process may span over several months (normally from April to June).

Assessment & Course Arrangement

  1. How will the students be assessed? Will there be an examination for each course and will a thesis be required?

    The assessment methods depend on the nature of each course and the decision of the instructor. Normally, there will be an examination or term paper at the end of each course. This Programme does not require a graduation thesis.

  2. What are the arrangements for the courses? How many classes are there per week for each course? Will classes be conducted both during daytime and weekends?

    The Programme consists of 2 terms:
    First term: From September to December
    Second term: From January to April

    During term time, classes will normally be arranged on weekday evenings, and in the daytime on weekends. Each course will have one session a week.

  3. Would the classes be conducted on or off the CUHK campus?

    Classes will be conducted on CUHK campus only.

Advice for Non-local Students

  1. Will the University offer accommodation for us?

    Since the university campus has no extra capacity, overseas or mainland students will have to arrange accommodation by themselves. That notwithstanding, we will try our best to welcome and provide a friendly environment to our students when they make the transition to CUHK. Non-local students may find these websites useful:

    Chinese Student and Scholars Association, CUHK:

    Off-Campus Housing Information Web managed by Office of Student Affairs:

  2. Applying for Full-time Programme

    1. What should I do once I receive the admission offer?

      There will be a flow chart in your admission package, telling you what to do in different stages. Roughly speaking, you should submit your supporting documents for applying student visa to the Programme Office within two weeks, and return the duly completed reply slip of your acceptance of offer to the Graduate School before the deadline. The University will help submitting your documents to the Immigration Department for student visa and will mail the visa label to you once it is ready. Usually it takes around 2 months to complete the entire process. You are therefore highly encouraged to act promptly after receiving offer.

    2. I am studying at a university in Hong Kong and will graduate in this academic year. Should I apply a new student visa for studying this programme?

      Yes, you have to apply a new student visa.

  3. Applying for Part-time Programme

      1. If I have already got an employment visa, do I have to apply for a student visa in order to study the part-time programme?

        No, you don’t have to apply for a student visa, but you have to present your employment visa to the Graduate School as soon as you receive the admission offer. Please make sure your visa is valid during the entire academic year.