2005-2014 論文題目 香港中文大學政治與行政學系

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學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
郝瑩 Prof. KUAN Hsin-chi PhD 假想敵還是真正的敵人? 天主教會在中國與中共的宗教控制
翟翠婷 Prof. MA Ngok MPhil Party Adaptation to Post-materialism: Comparing the UK and Taiwan
陳嘉銘 Prof. William SMITH MPhil The Basic Structure Debate and Cohen's Egalitarian Ethos
李保照 Prof. NG Kai-hon MPhil Attitudinal Ambivalence and Framing Effect : An Interaction Analysis
李月 Prof. WU Fengshi MPhil Grooming Active Citizenship from the Margin : Grassroots NGO Civic Education in Authoritarian China 
張詩羽 Prof. William SMITH MPhil Religion and Politics in Hobbes's Leviathan
周昊玥 Prof. ZHAN Jing MPhil Analyzing the Effectiveness of China's Urban Land Centralization – An Empirical Study on 13 Cities from Jiangsu Province


學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
段海燕 Prof. ZHAN Jing PhD 礦業資源與中國地方治理
蔣璐 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 官僚與制度演化: 中國職業安全保護制度改革的案例研究
彭銘剛 Prof. WU Fengshi PhD 間斷均衡與中國地方環境治理邏輯
汪衛華 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 發動群眾 – 革命、建政與改革時期中國共產黨的社會動員
余琴 Prof. Wilson WONG Wai-ho PhD 中國大陸反腐敗資源投入: 地區間差異、成因及影響
庄文嘉 Prof. LI Lianjiang PhD 調解的政治學: 中國勞動爭議中的國家與社會
蔡俊威 Prof. Wilson WONG Wai-ho MPhil 香港法律體系的建立, 1948-67 : 一個政治地理的分析
覃爽 Prof. ZHAN Jing MPhil Political Ambiguity and Policy Implementation in Contemporary China
楊燊 Prof. WU Fengshi MPhil A Challenge to the Propaganda State : Explaining the Impact of Micro-blog on Information Control in China
葉金漢 Prof. NG Kai-hon MPhil From Online Discussion to Offline Collective Action : A Case Study of 2010 Cantonese Protection Movement


學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
韓佳 Prof. LI Lianjiang PhD 土地財政與信訪
薩莎 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD Regime Responsiveness to Basic Needs : A Dimensional Approach
李明坤 Prof. WU Fengshi PhD 列奧‧施特勞斯論自然正當
呂書鵬 Prof. LI Lianjiang PhD 區域因素與公眾對中央政府的信任 – 對中國調查數據的雙層級分析
彭林 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 地震、動員、與中國的政治變化
石磊 Prof. LI Lianjiang PhD Speaking about the Unspeakable: The Evolution of Political Discourse on Popular Protest in Contemporary China
王芳 Prof. LI Lianjiang PhD 中國地方官員籍貫與當地公共物品提供
李建忠 Prof. ZHAN Jing MPhil 中國外交策略的演變 : 以北韓核問題及六方會談為例
鄧啟怡 Prof. MA Shu-yun MPhil Social Reform by a "Laissez-Faire" Government : A Case Study of Hong Kong's Hospital Reform in the 1960s
金帥 Prof. LI Lianjiang MPhil The Desirability and Feasibility of Democracy in the Eyes of Private Entrepreneurs in China


學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
李振 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 通過試驗建立制度 : 以中國城管體制為案例的研究
梁雪村 Prof. Michael C. DVAIS PhD A Tense Time : Explaining and Understanding Contemporary Chinese Nationalism
魏英杰 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 主權與治權 : 新疆生產建設兵團研究
夏瑛 Prof. KUAN Hsin-chi PhD Citizenship in Practice : “Post-80” Activists in Hong Kong
李浩暉 Prof. MA Shu-yun MPhil The Politics of Heritage Conservation in a Southeast Asian Post-Colonial City : The Case of Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia
馬柏華 Prof. MA Shu-yun MPhil 香港的空間運動: 緣起、過程與結果 (1994-2007)


學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
鄧燕華 Prof. LI Lianjiang PhD 中國農村的環保抗爭 : 以華鎮事件為例
劉淳 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 中國城市公共爭議中的個人、社會與國家—以深圳為例
謝志巋 Prof. TSAO King-kwun PhD 正式制度、非正式制度與公共行政的制度化--以中國的土地行政為例
陳家豪 Prof. CHOW Po-chung MPhil Two Tensions between the Principle of Social Justice and Compassion as the Account of Motivation in the Capabilities Approach
張獻華 Prof. ZHAN Jing MPhil The Government-religious group relations in Hong Kong : A Case Stud of the Education Reform
褚涓 Prof. WU Fengshi MPhil 中國水電工程決策過程的開放化- 怒江水霸爭議再考察


學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
區樹軍 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 國家認證能力研究
張楠迪揚 Prof. LI Lianjiang PhD 中國抗爭政治中的謠言與動員 – 以義和團與五四運動為主線
陳偉信 Prof. Peter PRESTON MPhil Defining Europe – The Implications of European Neighbourhood Policy
段海燕 Prof. ZHAN Jing MPhil The Impact of Fiscal Transfer on Public Goods Provision : Cross County Analysis of Shanxi Province, China 1994-2005
鄧健一 Prof. Wilson WONG Wai-ho MPhil Electoral Coordination of Opposition in Competitive Authoritarian Regime : A Case of Hong Kong
謝馥盈 Prof. MA Ngok MPhil 在勞動彈性化背景下的香港工會組織
黃浩然 Prof. Peter PRESTON MPhil Internal Coherence and Electoral Performance of the Democratic Party of Japan : Party Organization and Media
王慧敏 Prof. WU Fengshi MPhil International Environmental Non-governmental Organizations in Local Politics : Comparing the Different Structures of Greenpeace Networks in Solid Toxic Waste Campaign in the Philippines and China


學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
樊鵬 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 轉型社會中的國家強制 – 改革開放時期中國警察研究
黃冬婭 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 轉變中的工商所: 1949年後國家基礎權力的演變及其邏輯
劉鵬 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 從指令型國家走向監管型國家 – 基於中國藥品安全管理體制變遷的案例研究
田雷 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 蘇魯劃界: 微山湖糾紛的政治過程 (1953-2003)
鍾樂偉 Prof. WU Fengshi MPhil Epistemic Community Matters : How did the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Influence the Economic Reform in North Korea?
盧浩文 Prof. CHOW Po-chung MPhil Desert and Nozick's Entitlement Theory : A Reconciliation
陸貞元 Prof. Wilson WONG Wai-ho MPhil The Impact of Leadership and Stakeholders on the Success/Failure of E-government Services in Hong Kong


學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
何建宇 Prof. WANG Shaoguang PhD 現代化、轉型、政策波動與社團發展—中國社團革命的政治經濟學
張泓 Prof. NIOU Ming-shyr MPhil A Study of the Hong Kong Ombudsman from the Perspective of Functionalism
羅偉騫 Prof. Peter PRESTON MPhil New International Political Economy and the Greater Pearl River Delta
區安圖 Prof. KUAN Hsin-chi MPhil Just War and the Confucian Classics : An Analysis of Gongyanzuan
王淨 Prof. LI Lianjiang MPhil China’s Labor Regime in the Context of Corporate Social Responsibility : The Experience of a Social Organization


學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
李家翹 Prof. MA Shu-yun PhD 天安門廣場1919-1959 : 空間的政治性是怎樣建立起的? –兼論政治學的空間理論
陳俊傑 Prof. Wilson WONG Wai-ho MPhil Voice But Not Exit : The Role of Loyalty in the Political Participation of Young Middle Class in Hong Kong
張建恆 Prof. WANG Shaoguang MPhil Institution, Institutional Experience and Trust


學生姓名 導師 課程 論文題目
潘潔 Prof. KUAN Hsin-chi PhD Mission Impossible? The Dual Accountability of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong SAR
陳智遠 Prof. KUAN Hsin-chi MPhil The Politics of Political Accountability in Hong Kong
蘇銘恆 Prof. Wilson WONG Wai-ho MPhil Mainstream or Alternative? The RTHK Coverage of the 2004 Legislative Council Election Compared with the Commercial Broadcaster
李峻嶸 Prof. Eliza LEE Wing-yee MPhil Social Movement and Identity: Right of Abode Seekers in Hong Kong
夏翔 Prof. WANG Shaoguang MPhil The Relationship Between Private Business Associations and the State – A Case in Shanghai